Massage Chairs During Pregnancy – Are They Safe?


Oh, pregnancy’s amazing feelings.

You enjoy feeling the baby kick and move around in your womb.

But what about the less pleasant emotions?

Aches and pains, cramps, sciatica, and back pain can exhaust you completely.

Many pregnant women who are in need of alleviation desire to use massage chairs.

Some people warn against it, claiming that it is dangerous.

Who should you pay attention to? Continue reading to learn more.


Is using a massage chair while pregnant a bad idea?
When it comes to utilising massage chairs while pregnant, there is no shortage of advice.

Your mother, sister, or friend will be able to provide you with some warning tales.


Can a foetus be harmed by vibrations?
There isn’t much research on the impact of vibrations on a pregnant woman.

The majority of what we know is based on long-term vibration exposure, such as that caused by a jackhammer or other work-related activities.


Vibrations from these sources, according to a nearly 20-year-old study, may raise the risk of miscarriage, stillbirth, or newborn harm.

Health professionals urge pregnant women to avoid long-term usage of whole-body, low-frequency vibration because this study is obsolete and there is little fresh research in this field.

It’s vital to understand that a pregnant lady can be exposed to a variety of vibrations.

Some are fine, while others should be avoided.

Vibration doesn’t just come from massage chairs.

Here are some more examples:

Rides on roller coasters
Vibrators are vibration generators (sexual stimulators)
Being a driver or a passenger in a car
Most individuals would agree that there are some that should be avoided, such as roller coasters.


The things that scare pregnant women are sex, vibrators, and massage chairs, which are less plainly good or bad.

Massage chairs, in fact, vibrate at the same rate as your normal walking movements. These gentle vibrations are unlikely to do harm to your child.


Is it possible for vibration to trigger a miscarriage?

There are numerous advantages to using massage chairs when pregnant.


Here are a few:



Stress reduction

Pain is lessened.

“They will not induce labour,” says Alan Rooney, a former midwife. When you’re pregnant, you can use them safely.”


This is true for the vast majority of expecting mothers.


However, there are a few situations in which you should use caution:

During the first trimester, when the chance of miscarriage is greatest.
If you’ve already had a miscarriage,
If you’ve had a preterm birth or are carrying a high-risk pregnancy
If the vibrations are causing you to cramp.
Most pregnant women are okay to use massage chairs, but if you fall into any of the aforementioned categories, it’s recommended to avoid them or consult your doctor first.

Which parts of the body should not be rubbed when pregnant?
If you’re pregnant, getting a massage on a massage chair isn’t your only option.

You could seek professional massage therapy.

Some massage therapists specialise in pregnancy massage and understand what is beneficial and unhealthy for a pregnant woman’s body and the baby. They’ll stay away from ‘trigger sites,’ which might cause premature labour.

Heather Hanning, a massage therapist and midwife, says:

“Pressure areas connected to the pelvis should be avoided while obtaining a pregnant massage.” Also to be avoided are those on the hands, wrists, and ankles.”

Pregnant women are frequently advised not to use massage chairs during pregnancy because they may activate these pressure points.

Many massage chairs also have heating pads, which can cause overheating in pregnant women.

Massage chairs for pedicures during pregnancy
If you’re getting a pedicure while pregnant, you should skip the foot massage.

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