What is Massage Chair

Techniques for Massage Therapy
Shiatsu and Swedish massage are currently the most effective massage modalities that massage chairs are designed to mimic.

Pressing, sweeping, patting, rolling, and rotating movements are common in Shiatsu. Shiatsu is distinguished by its emphasis on reducing tension in specific areas of the body.

Long gliding strokes and kneading actions are typical of Swedish massage. The goal of this massage is to promote good and robust circulation.


Main Components of Massage Chairs

Most massage chairs are designed to involve three main components intended to closely match these massage techniques:

Massage chair motors are the most important mechanical components of a massage chair. They provide the necessary power and movement to the nodes and rollers, as well as the necessary adjustments to the seat back.
The massage chair features a variety of pre-programmed patterns and routines for massaging the entire back. The motors, nodes, and rollers, on the other hand, are designed to be adjusted using the control pad that comes standard with all massage chairs. The massage chair concentrates on the top of the spine down through the lower back, as specified by the user, using a tapping, rolling, or kneading motion.


Massage chair nodes and rollers

come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and they’re meant to seem like fingers and hands. Massage chairs with broad rollers and nodes offer a more comprehensive massage, whilst treatment chairs with tiny nodes and rollers offer more precise, point-specific massage. They can move in a variety of patterns that are pre-programmed into the massage chair’s mechanics and target specific areas of the user’s back. The user can adjust the massage chair’s nodes and rollers to best suit his or her needs.


The capacity to modify the massage chair using a computer is possibly the most important element. Almost all massage chairs are intended to adjust to the user’s weight, height, and width automatically. The height of the protrusion of the rollers and nodes is adjusted by monitoring the pressure on the seatback. The massage chair also makes the appropriate modifications for the user’s height and width by locating particular spots on the anatomy of the back. These settings can be be refined by selecting other inputs on the control pad.

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